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Without GUMREV
Customers write whole review
Customer thinks what to write
Time consuming
Your review on one place
Fewer Reviews
Customer answer simple questions
Review based on answers 
Organize and manage reviews
Review Generation and Collection
More Reviews

How It Works

Write your Brand Name, Description, Website and Industry
Create form with suggested questions and your branding
Share your review form link with your customer and start getting more reviews.

Use Cases

Get more reviews for your SaaS

Ask simple questions related to your product and GUMREV will write a review based on the answers of your customers.

Turn visitors into Reviews..

Writing reviews in a task for in person visitor at your local business. Ask them to scan the review form QR code. They answer simple questions, and you get a review :)

Generate on GUMREV,
Send on Google Maps.

Send your users to your Google Business on Google Maps once they write a review using GUMREV. 

Create custom review form for your clients.

Create custom review forms for your clients. You can merge multiple from reviews to one public review page.


GUMREV ensures AI Safety by generating unique reviews with distinct tones, language styles, and lengths eliminating any risk of duplicated or generic content.
With GUMREV, you can confidently gather authentic and diverse customer feedback, knowing that every review is original and contributes to the credibility of your brand.

Unique review every time

Get unique and personalized reviews every time with our AI-powered safety features.

Random review word count

GUMREV ensures random review word count to provide accurate and unbiased feedback for businesses.

Different Review Tone

Ensure brand safety with GUMREV's unique review tone, allowing businesses to maintain a consistent and professional image.

Reviews based on answers

Get valuable reviews based on customer answers with GUMREV, ensuring safety and credibility.

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